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How does it work?

How does our ReturnCall system work?
We use callback technology to give you low-cost telephone calls.

  • You call the local number 020.81.806.806 ** and we will call you back within 1 minute (free of charge)
  • You let us know the number you want to call and we will connect you.

    Unlike VoIP, we use standard (PSTN) telephone lines to route your call. This gives you a better quality call. It also means you use your telephone to talk, not a headset or a microphone.

    You do not receive a bill from us. Remember, we call you so it is in an inbound call to you, like receiving a call from a friend so your provider will NOT charge you for using our service.

    You can make calls using our easy method:

    SMS callback
    You make the call by sending a simple SMS message.

    1. Text the message RETURN ON to short number 81223 from your mobile phone. Your mobile provider will charge this text message at 5 pounds* (inc VAT) and in return you will receive 5 pounds worth of ReturnCall calling credit from us.

      If you have a pay as you go mobile you must first ensure you have topped up your mobile phone with a sufficient amount credit in order to use this service.
    2. Call our access number 020 81 806 806** from your mobile phone. You will only hear a network announcement so this call will not be charged.
    3. We will return your call within one minute. On answering our computer will ask you to enter the telephone number you wish to call.
    4. We will connect your call.
    (*Once you run out of returncall credit, you will automatically receive a 5 pound recharge. To unsubscribe from this service please text RETURN STOP to short number 81223)

    **Please note! Only use this service in the UK. Do not use this service whilst travelling overseas as your mobile provider will charge extra roaming fees for receiving calls abroad!

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    United Kingdom 6
    Romania (mobile)13
    Russian Federation 2
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